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Organic Bone Broth by the Cherry Tree Kitchen was created by two local chefs, Andy Pierce and Peter Fleming from the Northern Rivers who stepped out of the restaurant scene to begin their own business venture. Both of these chefs pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality produce from this area and also supporting local growers and suppliers.

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Naked Jerky

by Naked Jerky 


Gourmet Organic Herbs

by Gourmet Organic

Naked Jerky comes in two varieties both original and spicy. A relatively new product that has the backing of a solid local supply, made locally and with local people at the helm. A sure bet when looking for quality, look local.

Gourmet Organic Herbs grew from a market business into one that now supplies health food/grocers/butchers/independent supermarket stores in all states of Australia. The range of products has also grown from just herbs and spices to incorporate salad dressings, mustards and vinegars. Providing high quality organic raw materials for food manufacturers in bulk has also become another aspect of the business.

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