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Ray Karam

Ray Karam established Nourish Distributors NSW after recognising the need for a personalised distribution service that brought an understanding of all aspects of the pressures that food retailers and the food service industry face.

With a firm family background in  health and retail for over 15 years years and former owner of  Nourish Bulk Health Organic and Ballina based cafes, The Belle General and The Belle Central Ray Karam has first hand experience of the difficulties that food retailer often have with suppliers and the knock on effect this has for a business and its customers.

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Nourish Distributors NSW was born to bring an old school personalised service to the distribution space. 

Ray Karam brings his signature warmth and attentive quality to this new venture to ensure all businesses who are serviced by Nourish Distributors NSW receive the same respect and responsiveness whether they buy up big or only require a modest amount of product.

When you are on the list of retailers with Ray Karam and Nourish Distributors NSW you will receive a weekly phone call to check in and you will not be left wondering when the next delivery is coming in.

With a genuine care for your business we will also ask you to let us know if there is anything above or beyond that you need by way of stock that you feel could support your business. Is there a product you are looking for that we don't yet supply? Are you looking for an improved version of a product you already use? Talk to us because we consider your success our success and we love to see businesses thrive.

Contact us to learn about our distribution services and see how we can support you.
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